Cliche Brands is a creative epitome of graphic design, printing, marketing, and advertising to service the needs of entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate businesses. We create lasting impressions with our selection of branding to suit any brand. Our motto is "Making ordinary brands Extraordinary" which we embody in every piece of work that we do. Our Passion comes from the ability to create and make something look great from start to finish. We specialize in making every project a unique and special one. We believe every individual no matter what kind of business you operate needs professional branding. 

We have a sales office located in Hollywood Florida. Our Printing factories are located in Florida, Texas and California. Cliche Brands caters to individuals who are looking for quality printing at an affordable price. Cliche Brands takes pride in making sure your order looks amazing, and you have the W.O.W Factor when it comes to your company's presentation. Cliche Brands has been in the industry for the last 9 years, proudly serving the business community across the USA.As a small business we believe in the future of small companies in becoming bigger and better companies. As a bridge between becoming a better company or brand we specialize in creating and making your brand or business stand out. 

Cliche Brands Company Privacy Policy
We do not discuss other clients marketing tactics or sell, rent, any email lists. All clients are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement insuring your privacy protection and to let you know all information discussed is confidential.

Our clients consult with us on a private basis.

Our vision is to continue building and branding small business, individuals, into bigger companies, and famous individuals. We intend on keeping up with all the trends so that you are at your best and up to date when it comes to marketing. 

Some of our past clients include


Mashikos Sportswear

YouFit Gym
Super Line Urban Wear
Muscle Heavy Fitness 
Custom Built Fitness
Miami Style Magazine
Good Fellas Fine Suits
Fashion Stop
Opium Group
Grass Lounge 
Nocturnal Night Club  
Fashion Splash 
Beats on the Beach Music Conference
Trina Diamond Princess Perfume 
Green World Realty 
Cielo's Supper Club 
Barrantes Law Firm
Pacific Lands Real Estate
Fashion Designers Expo
and many more...